What to Expect

Sessions last 50 minutes and often begin weekly or fortnightly for a number of sessions in order to get some momentum. However, the session frequency and how many sessions are needed really depends on the complexity of the issues, the client’s needs and goals of the therapy. 

The initial session involves an in-depth assessment of the issues, getting some background and setting therapy goals and starting to develop an individualised treatment plan. The assessment phase may sometimes go beyond the first appointment in more complex situations. This phase is very important as it is for the purpose of getting a good understanding of the client’s difficulties, where they stem from, what continues to exacerbate them, and what is needed for change, improved coping and resolution.

From here, sessions are tailored to each client and can involve a range of therapeutic interventions – emotional processing and emotional release, coaching in skills and strategies for behaviour change, improving your habits, coping with emotions, managing relationships, dealing with challenging behaviours, and changing your thinking. Sessions can also involve help with problem-solving, decision-making and gaining insights and realisations. Sessions are also a safe and private place for you to work through painful and difficult and personal experiences and struggles. 

You will be professionally supported and guided and will come away from therapy with more wisdom, real changes, and more balance in yourself and in your life.