Formal Meditation Training

Meditation is the art of being aware. It is a process of developing more awareness of our inner and outer world. With greater awareness comes greater insight and wisdom into oneself and life and the ability to move more skilfully through life and with ease.

Meditation involves learning how to calm the mind and body, to let go and just be, and to witness the coming and going of thoughts, emotions and sensations without being disturbed by them. The essential experience of mediation is one of deep relaxation, bliss, and self-realisation.

There is growing scientific evidence of the benefits of meditation. Meditation is known to have the following benefits:

– Calms the mind

– Relaxes the physical body

– Reduces anxiety and stress

– Improved emotional balance and less emotional reactivity

– Improved sense of wellbeing and more happiness, joy and optimism

– Improved concentration, focus and mental clarity

– Improved creativity

– Increased self-awareness and self-understanding

– Helps with healing and managing pain

– Improves sleep


Bianca has specialised training in meditation from the OSHO meditation centre in India, Nature Care College, Openground Mindfulness Training, Mahasiddha Buddhist Centre and AcuEnergetics Centre in Australia, Monte Vista Retreat in Thailand, and over a decade of self-directed study and practice in the art of meditation.

Clients can learn a range of meditation practices, including mindfulness meditation, concentration meditation, insight meditation, heart-opening meditations, meditations for physical health, etc. These methods of meditation originate from Buddhist and Taoist traditions and can be taught to beginners, as well as advanced meditators.